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Are you a WW1 buff AND a creative product designer?

Europeana organises a series of online competitions to select and fund the best ideas for creative re-use of Europeana 1914-1918 contributions and other digital cultural heritage. Until 29 February, you can submit your ideas and designs for products and services which make the most of this website's rich digital material.
You will find out more about this exciting competition here: Europeana Challenges

© / Muzeul National Brukenthal Sibiu - Muzeul de Istorie "Casa Altemberg"[CC-BY-SA]

What's on the menu?

On a Thursday in January 1916 - just a few weeks before the battles for Verdun would begin - some French soldiers of the 50e Bataillon de Chassseurs ("téléphonistes" to be exact) were having a truly special dinner. Or... not?

© /BERTHOMÉ Joëlle et PATRU Danièle [CC-BY-SA]
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Sunday 15 November 2015
Verhalendag - Community Collection Days
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