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Download our new iTunes U course and Multi-Touch Book on the First World War!

Whether you’re a school student or a WW1 enthusiast, you can now discover the different causes leading to the First World War with our new iTunes U Course and Multi Touch book.

From postcards and political cartoons, to maps and propaganda, the story of the crisis is told from a whole range of voices and perspectives.

There are also plenty of interactive assignments you can complete to help you come to your own conclusions about how the war began. From studying handwritten letters between a German soldier and a young British woman, to creating your own factual timeline of events, you’ll practice the crucial skills any budding historian needs.

We hope you enjoy Europeana’s first Multi-Touch Book and iTunes U course. We’d love to hear about your experiences using it.

Download the English Multi Touch book and iTunes U course.

Download the Dutch Multi Touch book and iTunes U course.

We Know This War by Heart - virtual exhibition

The Institute for Contemporary History and the Europeana Foundation, with the support of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presents 1914-1918 We know this war by heart. Portugal and the Great War, a virtual exhibition that explores the most significant moments of the Portuguese participation in World War I, namely its impact on Portugal’s political, economic, social, cultural and artistic life.

Photograph of the lieutenant João Malheiro de Sousa e Meneses
shared by a relative during “Dias da Memória”, Lisbon, October 2014.

This virtual exhibit is part of the project Portugal 1914 aiming to study the history and impact of the Great War in Portugal, to raise awareness to the importance of remembrance and the preservation of historical knowledge, and to engage the general public in the reflection and sharing of memories and knowledge on the First World War’s history and legacy. The Portugal 1914 web portal, promoted by the Institute for Contemporary History of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of UNL, in association and with the collaboration of several institutions, is part of a plural and diverse program dedicated to the evoking of the First World War Centenary. Among other initiatives, the “Memory Days” (the Collection Days) was jointly organized with the Europeana Foundation and the Portuguese National Assembly, gathering more 1200 visitors and contributors during three days.

The last goodbye by Joshua Benoliel.
Portuguese Expeditionary Corps soldiers on their way to France in May 1917.
Public Domain

World War I was a breaking point that determined a deep global change in which Portugal was included. Between 1914 and 1918, more than 100 000 Portuguese soldiers were mobilized to Africa and Flanders, among which nearly 8000 lost their lives.

Take a tour to explore these and other facts on Portugal’s participation in the Great War:
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