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Get your hearts pumping on the Love Run!

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but what happened to couples torn apart by war, unknowing of when, or if, they would see each other again? As the First World War raged on, so did the hearts of the husbands, wives, and lovers of Europe. To cope with the separation, many soldiers sent long, romantic letters of to their loved ones back home. Some women waited longingly for their lovers on the field, while others sought companionship with the men left behind. There was love that transcended borders, love that lasted the ages, and love for one woman fought over by two different men. In the Love Run, we present you stories of romance and betrayal, of lust and longing, heartbreak and new beginnings – all the makings of your favourite melodrama, but from real, handwritten sources of real, lived experiences. The Run is not a competition, but a permanent, regularly-updated selection of documents, hand-picked to get your emotions running and your hearts pumping on the Transcribathon. It is part of a bigger effort of Europeana to highlight treasures of textual sources.
Bring the hearts of the men and women of WW1 back to life by transcribing their treasured stories of love.

Lost WW1 memorial plaque of HMS Laurentic fireman returned to family thanks to Europeana 1914-1918

A lost World War One memorial plaque – once owned by fireman Thomas McGarry who died in the sinking of the HMS Laurentic in 1917 – has been returned to his family decades later thanks to Europeana 1914-1918.

You can read all about it here
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Après le succès des journées de collecte en France nous visiterons d'autre pays européens.

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