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Workers underground

Earlier this year we asked all our contributors, visitors and followers: What does Europeana 1914-1918 mean to you? because we wanted to take a closer look at how we could serve our community best. The question was the starting point of an extensive research program in which we wanted to assess the social & cultural value of the Europeana 1914-1918 service.
Between 19 April and 7 June 2016 our partners Whalebone & Greenstone conducted online as well as offline surveys amongst our community. Interviews were also held during events in Prague and Poznan.

We are happy that we can now share with you the results of our research through this film Workers Underground.The film narrates the impact of the Europeana 1914-1918 service from a fresh perspective. As we developed the film we realised that we cannot draw just one conclusion from our research, and that the process of the research itself was as important to share. So, along with the film we developed a case study that explores the journey we took.

All of this couldn’t have been possible without you. It is your contributions and stories that have made Europeana 1914-18 what it is. We would love for you to share your thoughts and experiences with us via #europeanaimpact or email us at

But first, please turn up the volume on your device, sit back and enjoy our film.

The Battle of the Somme

On the occasion of the Battle of the Somme Centenary we would like to point at some of the rich and varied stories and imagery that can be found on our website. Please click here for a short presentation if you like to know more.
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Aankomende evenementen

Er zijn geen nieuwe collectiedagen gepland in Nederland.

Eerstvolgende collectiedagen vinden plaats in Letland op zondag 6 en maandag 7 november 2016 in de Nationale Bibliotheek te Riga en in Roemenië op maandag 21 en dinsdag 22 oktober 2016 in het Institute of History A.D.Xenopol (onderdeel van de Romanian Academy) in Iasi.
Meer details volgen spoedig.

Voor informatie over activiteiten rondom WO1 in Nederland kunt u terecht op de website Eerste Wereldoorlog Nu.

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